Submission Guidelines - Please Note

Also, Please allow time for Submission popup window to load.
If it does not load with 15 - 30 seconds, refresh the page and try again.

All Submissions subject to Administrator Approval (within 24 hours)

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Timely Video on Submitting Events

Timely Video on Submitting Events

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Best Practice

Content Submission
  • Short Titles 4 - 10 words
  • Begin Title with Specific Descriptive such as 'Exhibit:' "Open Mic:' 'Gallery Opening:' 'Screening:' 'Concert:' 'Gentle Yoga:' etc.
  • Examples - 'Exhibit: Taos Watercolor Masters' or 'Music Performance: The Gateways Blues Trio'
  • Select Start and End Dates and Times (double check accuracy)
  • Select 'All Day' for 8 - 5 time or more
  • Select Custom, Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Custom - will let you select random repeating days (*This can sometimes be the easiest way to pick repeating dates if confused by other methods)
  • Daily - Event will repeat the event time and day until 'End Date' (select when event stops)
  • Weekly - Event will repeat the event time and *selected day until 'End Date' (select when event stops)
  • Monthly -
    • Select 'The Same Day of the Month' (i.e the 1st of each month)
    • Select 'Day of the Week' (i.e. 1st Monday of each month)
    • Select 'Day of the Month' (i.e. the 15th of each month)
  • More (online information) -
Organizer - Select main organizer if appropriate, leave blank or 'No Organizer'

Categories - Select one or more categories of event

Tags - Select one or more tags of event

Venues - Select Venue if listed, or select 'No Venue'

  • Add inviting text here, enough description to engage, 2 sentences minimum
  • Add extra images for interest and visual description
Featured Image
  • This is the main image for the event. Images must be under 2mb in size. More information is available in next text block.
About Images

Images sizes and resolutions can be confusing.

Below are a few points for clarity.

  • Too Small an image will be pixelated on the website
    • Find a bigger or different image
  • Too Big an image will not load (over 2mb)
    • Crop / Resize the image in photoshop or similar photo editing software
    • Or upload to online photo editor to reduce size (
    • Images should be about 1000 pixels wide or 800 pixels tall for full screen display, but smaller images will work (300px wide or tall minimum)
    • Images should be about 200 - 600 kb in size 
    • Images should be either jpg or png (transparent background)
  • Resolution
    • Higher Resolution means Bigger File Size 
    • Most Computer Screens only need images at 72 dots per inch (dpi), but images can be up to 227 (dpi) for High Density Retina Screens
    • Print Images need 300 (dpi) standard resolution, but images for web do not need to be that high a resolution
  • Review
    • File size of image can be reduced by making image smaller (ex. from 3000 pixels wide down to 1000 pixels wide) 
    • File size of image can be reduced by reducing image resolution (ex. from 300 (dpi) to 72 (dpi)
    • File size of image can be reduced by both making images smaller and reducing image resolution
About Tickets

Tickets can be sold on the Timely Calendar by either linking to a Paypal account or to an external ticket vendor.

  • No Tickets - Events can be specified as 'Free' through this choice.
  • External Tickets - This option allows one to put in a URL (web address) to ticket vendors such as HoldMyTicket or other similar ticket outlets.



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